Nola Style & Nola Standards

And what does that mean?

Custom is a buzz word in Huntsville…but it’s not custom, it’s normally mass produced products that have a low price point & match every other cookie cutter in this town.  When we say Handcrafted… we mean hand made… We make our own windows, we make our doors, we run our molding, we make our cabinets, we make the floors…That’s what we do, we make.  To us quantity is far removed from our DNA as a Design Builder team, though costly, excellence & uniqueness is our only bent.

Cookie cutters make big builders rich & create time stamped homogenized subdivisions left to plague the following DIYers generation…   Sadly, many of the “custom” home builders can’t compete & so they assimilate into a similar scaled down version, process & procedure wise, when building homes.  This is not who we are…

Who we are:

Banta Builders is a husband & wife design/build team, Joel & Rachel Banta.

Rachel was raised by a New Orleans Craftsman, who builds some of the most unique homes today in Nola.  She grew up on a worksite watching her dad handcraft thousands of millionaire’s houses, from start to finish.  Having seen New Orleans top end architects visions come to life through her Dads efforts.  She took away a perfectionists design sense of blending the charm & history of New Orleans with the modern convenience of today’s homes.

  • She maintains the highest attention to detail & vision
  • She loves designing unique houses
  • She loves architecture
  • She hates cookie cutters

Joel, holds a BS in Computer Information Systems, has creative engineer background who grew up watching his grandfather, a carpenter, build homes south of Indianapolis.  Having a background in engineering & art, process management & craftsmanship needed to become a handcrafting builder, came easy to him.

After Joel & Rachel finished their first project, published in ThisOldHouse magazine, Joel pursued a Residential Builders License.  A year later they moved to New Orleans to help their families growing building company.  While in New Orleans, Joel continued to became more accustomed to working on projects where excellence & uniqueness was ranked above cost.

Unfortunately Joel’s mother was diagnosed with ALS, so his New Orleans building came to a halt as the family decided to immediately move back to Huntsville to be close to Joel’s family during his mother’s last days.

With Rachel’s meticulous design sense & Joel’s process management and craftsmanship, Banta Builders is not an a la carte, we are truly design builders of handcrafted homes.  Our process is simple: We live & breath your design then we create a masterpiece,

We make houses that magazines publish.